June 15, 2024

Officials on the southern end of the county verified film permits have been filed at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area for Netflix’s adventurous adolescent drama, just as “Outer Banks” producers began filming on Wrightsville Beach on Monday.

Season four of “Outer Banks” will begin filming on the southernmost part of Pleasure Island on November 27 and run through December 8, excluding weekends, according to Fort Fisher Superintendent Jeffrey Owen.

According to a film permission that Port City Daily was able to get, there is usage of a pedestrian beach access close to employee and 4×4 access points, along with Ramsgate Trail in the state park area.

“I don’t know much about it, but it looks like there’s a motorcycle race in one scene.” Owen penned a Monday email to PCD.

Director Jonas Pate informed the news source last spring that Pender County was considering hosting a motocross race; as of last week, county officials said no permits had been filed in either county or in New Hanover County. “We’re thrilled to be filming the show in North Carolina,” Owen continued.

Filming for the Netflix blockbuster series “Outer Banks,” which debuted during the Covid-19 outbreak, was initially planned to take place in the Tar Heel State. At the time, Netflix left North Carolina because lawmakers were in favor of House Bill 2, also known as the “Bathroom Bill.” Many saw this as discriminatory because it forced transsexual persons to use the bathroom designated on their birth certificates.

Although the statute was later repealed, Netflix established its headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina’s Low Country. Although in seasons two and three, crews also visit other places, some of which are abroad, like Barbados.

Wilmington native Pate expressed his excitement to PCD in the spring about shooting again in the Port City. The script is written to depict well-known locations in southeast North Carolina, like Wilmington’s Figure 8 and Masonboro Island, which are both frequently cited by the actors.

On Wrightsville Beach, workmen are preparing on Monday and Tuesday near Masonboro Island. There were trucks and teams setting up to film on the beach and Crystal Pier all over the parking lot of the Oceanic restaurant.

Production notes describe how stunt performers leap into the ocean from the base of the pier. Another scene is next to a beach access and shows a body on the sand with nearby parked ambulance and sheriff’s cars.

Earlier in the year, Pate told PCD that returning to the local shoreline was crucial.

Even though the show features a lot of beaches, he stated at the time, “the beaches in Charleston are really difficult to shoot on, and in the past, believe it or not, we’ve rarely actually shot beaches in Charleston.” “We’ve always traveled to other locations.”

The show has been compared to a contemporary “Goonies” with a focus on teen soap operas. When the kids known as the Pogues go up against the rich kids known as the Kooks in search of a hidden treasure, Pate’s shooting style is just as quick and fierce. Along the trip, the Pogues encounter a number of gangsters, suspicious individuals, and the law.

Since the end of the Writer’s Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Wilmington has not hosted a scripted series until “Outer Banks.”

Kimmie Stewart Casting is in charge of the show’s supporting and additional roles. It has received almost 3,000 emails since announcing its call for characters on November 14 and has used over 500 submitters.

Since the weekend, the casting company has kept sending out calls for scenes at Wrightsville Beach. The casting process for the college-aged “Pogues & Kooks” scenes in Fort Fisher will soon begin.

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