May 19, 2024

Traffic was halted by the persistent rain as the heavy downpour floods the streets of Dubai, so Dubai officials moved quickly to sweep the roads and remove any remaining puddles.

As evening rush hour drew near, the rainstorm reached its zenith and immediately created water pools on several roads.

Police were prompted to issue advisories recommending cars to take alternate routes after reports of bottlenecks on important roadways. In order to avoid traffic bottlenecks, even the Dubai Police advised anyone traveling to or from the airport to use the Metro. Reliable reaction teams from Dubai authorities dispersed throughout the city to mitigate the effects of the heavy rain, in addition to disseminating real-time updates and safety advice.

To perform repairs, a few employees bravely wade through the flooding.
Rainwater was drained from the site using mobile pumping devices.
The Dubai Police, the Dubai Municipality, and Nakheel teams contributed to the prompt reaction, according to the RTA.


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