April 16, 2024

Once again, the Fortnite island is shifting, but devoted fans will recognize this version of the island. The most recent season of the game, titled “Fortnite OG,” just debuted. The game will receive frequent updates during the season, with “each major update bringing a different phase of battle royale’s past,” according to developer Epic Games.

Fortnite OG will first concentrate on Chapter 1: Season 5. This implies that the infamously wrecked Tilted Towers from 2019 will be back, along with the reintroduction of vintage weapons like the assault rifle, pump shotgun, and hunting rifle, as well as vehicles like the all-terrain kart and shopping cart.

The remaining OG will delve into the upcoming chapters. Season 6 (quadcrashers and six shooters) will be covered in the November 9 update; seasons 7 and 8 (stormwing planes and mini-guns) will be covered on November 16; and seasons 9 and X (jetpacks and the Baller) will be covered on November 23.

The complete list of updates is available on Epic’s blog, but it looks like there will also be a lot of surprises. The developer claims that some of the unvaulted items in each update will be around for that release alone, appear in multiple updates, or be around for the duration of Fortnite OG, says the developer. Additionally, it seems that the season will revisit some of the in-game events from that era, such as the rolling cube, the exploding volcano, and the black hole that ended it all. At least we know that the meteor and the cube over Loot Lake will reappear in some capacity according to screenshots:
In addition to being shorter than normal, this season is unique. Fortnite OG will only last four weeks, compared to a Fortnite season’s normal duration of approximately three months. As a result, the battle pass, also known as the “OG pass” here, will still cost the standard 950 V-bucks but will have 50 unlocks goods, which is half of what the regular pass has.

The cast of characters that you can unlock is as follows; they are reimaginings of well-known attire from the game’s past:
Naturally, there will also be “curated selections of classic, mashup, and fresh items” to buy in the in-game store, according to Epic. The significant upheaval occurs during a very turbulent time of transition for Fortnite’s creator as well. Along with increased costs, the loss of creative director Donald Mustard, and significant layoffs at Epic Games, the game has experienced a move toward user-created experiences.

Source: thevirge.com

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