April 16, 2024

After concluding that Luis Rubiales violated article 13 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee banned the former president of the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) from all football-related activities at the national and international levels for a period of three years.

This case concerns the incidents that took place on August 20, 2023, at the FIFA Women’s World CupTM final, for which Mr. Rubiales was initially placed under provisional suspension for 90 days.

The conditions of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s ruling were communicated to Mr. Rubiales today. He has ten days to request a motivated decision in line with the applicable terms of the FIFA Disciplinary Code. Should he make such a request, it will be posted on legal.fifa.com. The FIFA Appeal Committee may hear an appeal of the ruling at this time.

FIFA affirms its unwavering dedication to upholding the fundamental principles of decency and to honoring and defending the dignity of every individual.


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