June 21, 2024

Here’s everything we know about the Money Heist spinoff’s release, cast, and plot, with Pedro Alonso repeating his role as Berlin.

The character Berlin from one of the most well-liked online series, Money Heist, played by Pedro Alonso, is returning for a spin-off series. Since the trailer’s publication, there has been a significant global buzz. So where and when should I watch the series? Do you know if there will be more Money Heist characters that you will see or not? To learn more, scroll down!
It would have been a terrible idea, considering they are from the same universe, if Berlin was the only character from Money Heist on the show.

Viewers of Money Heist are thrilled to have this spin-off. They are rather eager to see Berlin’s trailer after the depressing conclusion of the highly anticipated series. In the teaser, Berlin (Pedro Alonso) meets up with his fellow thieves to go through Paris’s catacombs and more.

The official Berlin trailer, which debuted in November 2023 following the release of a teaser trailer earlier in the year, is probably the last one until the series premieres on December , 2023. In addition to highlighting the thrilling action in the series, the teaser places Berlin’s journey—as a thief and a person seeking love and fulfillment—into context. Most importantly, Money Heist’s Berlin will visit fascinating, far-off places like Paris’s catacombs.

Release Date And Where To Watch It

Berlin, a spin-off of the international series Money Heist, will debut on Netflix on December 29.

If you already have a Netflix subscription, you may skip the bother. If not, you can easily get one by paying a set amount of money depending on where you live. Depending on your Netflix plan, you must pay between $6.99 and $22.99 a month if you live in the USA.

Money Heist’s Berlin Cast

Back in Berlin are two of the Money Heist protagonists. Berlin, the title character of this spin-off series, is portrayed by Pedro Alonso and Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño). Aside from these two longtime friends, the new cast members of the series are Julio Peña, who will be seen as Roi, Michelle Jenner as Keila, Begoña Vargas as Cameron, and Najwa Nimri, who plays Alicia Sierra.

Money Heist’s Berlin Story Details

Berlin should look into one of his largest crimes, in which he stole 434 diamonds from the Champs-Élysées in Paris, as the official synopsis claims that his latest heist will feature “a jackpot of jewels worth $44 million”. A French auction house appears to be the focal point of this heist, according to a Money Heist Berlin first peek offered by Netflix.

Berlin appears to be searching for love once more, especially since Alonso said at the presentation that Berlin will take place some time after the jewel thief’s third wife left him. This was made clear in the first Money Heist Berlin teaser when he was shown having an affair with their target’s wife, which placed everything in danger.

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