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Based on a Dutch series of the same name, The Couple Next Door stars Eleanor Tomlinson, Sam Heughan, Alfred Enoch, and Jessica De Gouw. As the six episodes progress, there are partner swaps, unexpected pregnancies, a sinister stalker, and a criminal subplot involving Danny (Sam Heughan). Things start to get really ugly.

A dramatic shoot-out and a tight chase through the woods mark the series’ conclusion. What then transpires in the last episode to set up this gunfight, and who is in charge of the shooting? This is an explanation of The Couple Next Door’s entire resolution.

What Happens In The Final Episode Of The Couple Next Door?

The Couple Next Door’s last episode opens with Becka (Jessica De Gouw) questioning Danny at home on the child he fathered with Lena.

Once home, Evie (Eleanor Tomlinson) informs her parents, Brian (Andrew Woodall) and Susan (Anastasia Hille), that she is expecting a child, but she does not know who the father is (spoiler alert: it’s Danny). They’re overjoyed and let her take a quick getaway in their extra cottage.
Danny’s situation is not improving in the interim, since the authorities are questioning his actual accomplice. While talking about his other child at home, Danny admits to Becka that he didn’t cheat on her and that he had a relationship with Lena before they even met.

Hugh Dennis plays Alan in another scene, and when he tries to apologize to Jean (Kate Robbins), she does not accept it well.

Before Danny can answer questions at work or give Becka a meaningful apology, she gets a call from Evie, who claims that her dad has gone insane and has locked her in the cottage. As it happens, he hasn’t, and Evie’s revelation of her baby’s real paternity caused the two to have a tense conversation. But Danny and Becka are unaware of this, so they head straight toward the cottage.

Pete meets into Jenny at Evie and Pete’s house, after she has made the decision to split from Alan. Jenny also reveals the shocking information that Evie and Danny have been seeing one other behind Pete’s back. Pete realizes that they have to be together, so he takes the gun—which belonged to the criminal in the altercation with Danny the previous evening—and goes in search of them.

When Danny and Becka finally arrive to the cottage, they find Evie taking a bath. It turns out that she wasn’t actually in danger—she was merely trying to woo Danny. She doesn’t quite believe Danny when he confesses his love for Becka and not Evie and says he’s sorry for leading her on. After taking a detour to Evie’s parents’ house, Pete then appears and makes threats against Danny with a gun.

Subsequently, the man from the criminal organization appears, brandishing a rifle, and it appears that everything is ready to get started—until Brian appears and shoots him. Then Pete and Danny start fighting over the gun.

The group then starts chasing after Evie as she flees. They halt, and Pete declares his unwavering love for Evie while pleading with her to stay with him. Danny lunges at Pete in an attempt to take the gun from him, but Pete fires, striking Danny in the leg. While Becka is tending to Danny’s leg, Evie informs Pete rather angrily that she no longer loves him. Then, unexpectedly, there is a gunshot, leaving Pete with a gunshot wound in his abdomen.

Who shot Pete?

Pete stumbles back, horrified, and we see him staring at his wounded tummy. When Evie first approached Pete, he was the last person we saw carrying the gun, but after the gunshot, we notice that Evie is now the one holding it. Did she intentionally pull the trigger? Did Pete take a self-shot? Or did anything go wrong while Evie was taking the gun away from him?

As the episode comes to a close, we discover that the police believe Evie is the one who shot Pete, even though we won’t find out for sure. Evie is seen being led into a police car. Evie looks at Danny longingly as she gets into the police car, seemingly unconcerned that Pete appears to have survived and is being transported on a stretcher in an ambulance.

Where To Watch The Couple Next Door

The show can be seen on Channel 4, but it’s not accessible on Netflix in the majority of nations.Browse this guide to find out which platforms are airing the series in your nation so you can stay up to date on all the latest happenings in this eerie psychological thriller.

Channel 4’s mesmerizing screens have become the home of The Couple Next Door, bringing its riveting drama straight to viewers. This dark psychological thriller, which premieres on November 27, has landed a top slot on the UK’s free-to-air Channel 4 network.The network, which is well-known for its wide range of captivating programming, invites viewers inside the fascinating lives of Evie and Pete, delving into the cramped depths of suburban life and the consequences of giving in to one’s deepest fantasies.Episodes air on Mondays and Tuesdays consecutively as the series progresses, building suspense for the exciting December 12 finale.Because of its dedication to providing high-caliber content, Channel 4 is the preferred choice for people who want to fully immerse themselves in suspenseful stories.

When the show debuted in the UK on Channel 4, fans in that country could watch it on their streaming service. Because Netflix’s content catalog is regionally specific and dynamic, availability may vary depending on where you live and the terms of service agreements that Netflix has with content creators.If you can’t wait to watch The Couple Next Door on Netflix, you should either utilize the search tool or browse the platform’s collection to be sure it’s currently available. Content on streaming services is updated often, and titles might be added or withdrawn in accordance with license agreements.To learn the exciting story of The Couple Next Door, keep an eye out for updates to Netflix’s library or check out other platforms.

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