May 19, 2024

Stranger Things’ fourth season has been airing for more than a year. Even though the last season’s filming hasn’t started, a fan appears to have discovered fresh information from it that could be crucial to the show’s resolution.

This fascinating theory, which has gained traction among the devoted fan base, centers on a covert conflict between Vecna and Will Byers, two important characters. It implies that a riveting flashback featuring this unrevealed encounter may be unveiled in season 5, adding to the mysteries surrounding Hawkins, Indiana.

This theory was shared on Twitter by user thestrangerhell. Vecna and Hawkin’s gang engaged in a titanic battle in the season 4 finale. Following the fight, Vecna nearly killed Max (Sadie Sink), but Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) saved him in the end. She is presumably blind and in a coma at the end of the season.

As astute viewers have pointed out, Max encounters “the tears of blood,” a disquieting phenomenon, in Season 4. It’s interesting to note that Will Byers, who was saved in season 1, also had comparable marks. Many believe that this remarkable resemblance cannot be a coincidence. It most likely suggests that in season one, Will and Vecna also got into a fight, which was not shown to the audience.

During the first season, Will was imprisoned in the Inverse Down. It’s possible that he and Vecna got into a fight, but that he managed to get away just like Max did. The idea of a covert conflict between Vecna and Will is made even more intriguing by the revelation in season 4 that Vecna and Will are communicating. This suggests a deeper connection between the two characters.

According to the theory, the fight might be shown in season 5. Consider that the first episode opens with the date “November 6th, 1983 – Hawkins, Indiana,” as it does in the opening scene of the first season. This flashback might provide an exciting look into Hawkins’ past. Fans have long been enthralled with the mystery surrounding what transpired on that fateful night in 1983, and the chance to explore it would undoubtedly be highlighted off the upcoming season.

In the event that this theory is correct, Will would also have been blind, proving that Max is not blind. Will’s personal experience may hold the key to comprehending and eventually healing her condition.

It’s no accident that several portals converged on Hawkins Library in the season 4 finale, as the library has frequently been the center of unexplained happenings in the show. According to this theory, the library is at the center of the ongoing paranormal activities in the town because it contains secrets from 1983 or earlier. The story of season 5 may very well revolve around the library, connecting the past and present in the mysterious world of Hawkins.

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