June 21, 2024

David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, has teased fans with a glimpse of what to expect from the highly anticipated Netflix series’ ending. Naturally, there are worries over the Stranger Things series finale because there were great hopes for the Netflix phenomenon to conclude just as brilliantly as it started.

Given that Stranger Things has retained both critical and popular support throughout each of its four seasons, the bar for success for the show’s climax is set even higher for season 5. Stranger Things has developed a devoted cult following since its 2016 premiere and has emerged as one of the best examples of Netflix’s original content.

However, the Duffer Brothers, the show’s producers, said in a statement that Netflix published last year that Stranger Things would end in its fifth and final season. Shortly after, the season 4 finale of Stranger Things unleashed a wormhole that saw the Upside Down emerge into reality along with other compelling, unresolved events that the show will try to wrap up in one last, all-encompassing episode. Fans may be relieved by a recent tease regarding season 5, but there are concerns over Stranger Things’ last season due to high expectations for the finale and several narrative issues that need to be resolved.

David Harbour Stated That Stranger Things 5 Will Have A “Real Ending”

Actor David Harbour of the core characters of Stranger Things hinted at the potential of a sixth season not too long ago. Even though Stranger Things season 5 was officially the last, an optimistic fan at Motor City Comic Con asked whether there was any chance that Stranger Things would return for a sixth season. During the conversation, Harbour destroyed any expectation that the main TV series would continue into further episodes while making subtle allusions to the contents of Stranger Things season 5.

Harbour stated, β€œThe beauty of it is there’s a real ending. Stranger Things will end in a very real way. The storyline of Stranger Things, when we started with the Upside Down in that lab going to season 5, is one complete story, and it’s going to end at the final episode of season 5”.

While fans hoping Stranger Things would never end may be disappointed by this, Harbour’s tease about the finale reveals far more than what was initially stated. Undoubtedly, Stranger Things is coming to an end, but as Harbour’s remarks suggest, Netflix, the Duffer Brothers, and the cast will make sure it ends properly. Before Stranger Things season 5 finishes, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, people that need to be revealed, and mysteries that need to be solved. Harbour’s remarks regarding a satisfying conclusion give fans even more hope for these possibilities.

For fans of the show, it should come as a great comfort that Harbour revealed that there will be a “real ending” and that Stranger Things will be told as a “complete story”. Even though season 5 of Stranger Things is still a ways off, fan questions regarding a possible sixth season and the establishment of a spinoff have already been raised. Although disappointing as it signals the end, Harbour’s remark is really a very positive indication for the franchise as it will allow Eleven and Hawkins’ journey to be properly concluded.

In addition to giving viewers a fully realized TV program that has wrapped up all of its loose ends, the Stranger Things franchise’s decision to concentrate on season 5 as a comprehensive and satisfying resolution of the series also gives the final season the room to do so. It would have been a mistake for the franchise to waste valuable time in the finale setting up other series or future Stranger Things installations, as spinoffs and the growth of the Stranger Things universe are on the line. Rather, the entire focus of Stranger Things’ last season will be on wrapping up the narrative, which will be greatly appreciated.

Source: Netflix, THR

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