June 15, 2024

With the conclusion of season 7, young Sheldon is committing the same grave offense as The Big Bang Theory four years ago. Chuck Lorre’s time on CBS is coming to an end with the Young Sheldon season 7 finale, which will be the final episode to air from the Big Bang Theory world.

With a brand-new The Big Bang Theory spin-off in the works, the franchise is sure to prosper. Plot details are still scarce at that point because it’s purportedly still in its infancy. That being said, it will only be accessible on Max (previously HBO Max), rather than airing on the broadcaster.

But first, Lorre and his group will concentrate on giving the Coopers a fitting farewell. They will have their work cut out for them, though, as the family comedy will only have 14 episodes this season as opposed to 22.

As a result, some contend that CBS ought to have simply extended the project for a minimum of another year in order to allow sufficient time to conclude the story, which at this point has multiple unresolved plot threads. Given the direction of its present narrative and Young Sheldon’s ongoing appeal, the Big Bang Theory prequel might not even need to conclude for a few more years.

The news that The Big Bang Theory would be ending in 2019 came as a shock. Even after its cancellation, CBS’s ratings for the show continued to soar. Network officials even showed interest in continuing the show for a minimum of one more year, just weeks before the news emerged. But Jim Parsons’ choice to depart the show after season 12 signaled its demise. The rest of the cast decided to wrap things up for the Pasadena gang since they understood that Sheldon was the center of attention and that the program wouldn’t be the same without him.

Parsons wanted to try something different, which was his main motivation for quitting The Big Bang Theory. On a deeper level, though, he made the point that they had completed every task with Sheldon. His greatest obstacle—being in a committed and meaningful relationship—had been surmounted when he wed Amy in the season 11 finale of The Big Bang Theory. His greatest goal came true the following year when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Given that Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory received everything he could ever want in the conclusion, it’s hard to disagree with Parsons’ position on the subject.

Because The Big Bang Theory is a canonical work, Young Sheldon has a predetermined ending, and the prequel is quickly approaching that point. It’s the main reason Young Sheldon, despite his continued popularity, is ending. It’s hard to see CBS not wanting to continue the prequel series for a very long time. Not only has it become the most popular sitcom on TV, but its sixth season just saw record-breaking numbers. This indicates that Young Sheldon is at its peak right now and has the potential to grow significantly more given time.

For background, based on the continuity of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is set to graduate from college. On the eve of his fourteenth birthday, he will have just one more year at East Texas Tech before leaving Medford, Texas, to pursue his graduate studies at Caltech in Pasadena, California. He intends to stay there for the ensuing few decades. CBS has made an effort to prolong Young Sheldon’s storyline as much as possible. Given the actual ages of Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord, it is currently impossible for it to carry on doing that.

While the Big Bang Theory finale satisfactorily wrapped up Sheldon’s arc, the same cannot be said for certain Pasadena gang members. While Leonard, Penny, and Raj continued to lead steady lives, Howard and Bernadette found themselves in unfamiliar territory.

One of the worst storylines in season 12 of The Big Bang Theory was the hurried pregnancy plotline for the Hoftsatders, something that even Kaley Cuoco opposed. But it probably wouldn’t have been as contentious if it had had more time to mature. Raj might have had a happy ending to The Big Bang Theory if it had gone on.

Because Sheldon’s story is coming to an end, Young Sheldon’s ending signifies that The Big Bang Theory prequel is making the same error. Given that the remaining parts of the Coopers’ story are being left unexplored and that the show’s last few seasons demonstrated that the comedy’s strongest element is its familial theme, it might even be worse.

Young Sheldon’s last season has been curtailed, which means that Missy’s redemption narrative and Meemaw’s complex connection with Dale will not be fully explored. It could pull off Mandy and George’s wedding, but there’s a good risk the production would feel hurried and forced, which would essentially destroy its greatest unique plot.

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4 thoughts on “Young Sheldon Season 7 (Why The Show Is Ending)

  1. i absolutely love “Young Sheldon”. i love each and every character in it. It will be sad to see george sr. pass away so i am hoping that it will end before that happens. i intend to buy the full series boxed set when it is available. and will watch the reruns forever. just as i do with TBBT.

  2. Honestly, I love the show but it’s like the issue with the big bang theory. It’s basically where stuff ain’t covered a lot but love the show anyway.

  3. I have been watching the show since it began and especially loved the early episodes. As Sheldon grew older, I was a little disappointed in the acting. Sheldon’s timing in his acting as the shows continued on, was not as impeccable as it was when he was younger. Still , I have been a loyal fan as I continued to get to know the characters, and they all had their chances to become better actors as the shows and the circumstances progressed.

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