June 21, 2024

It’s time to return to the land of Kooks and Pogues. As filming for the eagerly awaited fourth season of Outer Banks gets underway, Chase Stokes wants to ensure that no fan experiences any spoilers.

In an Instagram Story video, Chase, 31, pleaded with his fans, saying, “Please for the love of God, don’t post spoilers. We are about to embark on our journey.” “While I appreciate that everyone enjoys showing up and taking photos and videos, please don’t post anything you feel you shouldn’t.”

The actor continued, saying that while the cast “loves” its fans, they all want to keep the big plot lines under wraps until they air. Over the past few months, the actor has been Kelsea Ballerini’s most supportive boyfriend. “This year, let’s just try our best not to post things that reveal plot and ruin the experience for others around the world. We really appreciate you coming and continuing to love the show like it’s your own,” he stated.

In prior seasons, viewers would trail the actors throughout Charleston and Barbados while they were filming specific scenes. Some of the show’s story details were revealed in video footage that went popular on social media.

Before the release of season 3 in February 2023, Outer Banks received a fourth season renewal. Although production was put on hold due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, filming was supposed to start this past summer. The actors and crew have returned to Charleston, South Carolina, after a few months away to begin filming the upcoming season.

When Chase shared pictures of himself with John B’s vehicle and surfboard, it was evident that he was back on set. He recently posted pictures to Instagram with the remark, “Okay, wake up, John B. Let’s go ole pal.” Austin North, also known as Topper, his co-star, said, “I’m coming for u pal.”

Following the 18-month time shift at the conclusion of season 3, the Outer Banks will be embracing a reset in season 4. Josh Pate, a co-creator, believed that for season 4 and later, the students needed to “migrate” out of high school. He said to Netflix, “We’re starting over on [another sort of] trilogy and we think about the first three [seasons] as a trilogy.” All we had to do was clear the decks. There will be new antagonists, a fresh treasure hunt, and fresh circumstances in life.

Source: Hollywood Life

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