May 19, 2024

Sony Pictures said on Tuesday that the beloved movie franchise “The Karate Kid” will make a comeback in 2019 with a new picture that is expected to begin production shortly.

The movie stars Jackie Chan, who replaced Oscar nominee Pat Morita as the older martial arts expert who serves as mentor in the 2010 reboot, and Ralph Macchio, who played the title character of “Kid” in the first three films in the franchise.

On Tuesday morning, Macchio and Chan made an appearance in a YouTube video to promote the news of the upcoming movie and to start the casting process for the franchise’s next youthful star.

The first “Karate Kid,” starring Ralph Macchio as a California high school student who is targeted by a group of bullies and learns how to fight as well as act honorably and restrainedly from his neighbor, will celebrate its 40th anniversary in June of next year.

Later, in 1986 and 1989, Macchio starred in “Karate Kid Part II” and “Karate Kid Part III.” Five years later, a fourth episode titled “The Next Karate Kid” starred Hilary Swank.

Chan featured alongside Jaden Smith in the 2010 adaptation of “The Karate Kid,” but it wasn’t until 2018’s “Cobra Kai” that the franchise really took off.

The Emmy-nominated show, which is about to premiere its last season, follows Danny Macchio and Johnny, the bully who was portrayed by William Zabka in the first two films, as they get older. Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” has since grown enormously popular; the show’s fifth season concluded last year.

When asked if Zabka would be appearing with Macchio in the upcoming feature film, a representative for the actor did not respond right away.

On December 13, 2024, the newest “Karate Kid” installment is scheduled to open in theaters.


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