May 20, 2024

After co-creator Justin Roiland left the show, Rick and Morty Season 7 included new voice actors for the titular characters, and the new cast members are praising Season 7 as one of the best seasons to date! In addition to resolving a major antagonist storyline thread that had been hanging over the show since its fifth episode, Rick and Morty Season 7 unveiled a clear roadmap for the remaining episodes that would take them in a new direction. Fans are speculating about what might happen next because of this openness.

Morty and Rick In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the two new cast members—Ian Cardoni as Rick Sanchez’s new voice and Harry Belden as Morty Smith’s—finally talked about joining the show.

Here, the two of them discussed their feelings on joining the show and acclimating to their new roles. They also gave a sneak peek at what will happen in the last episodes of Season 7, which will include the erasure of Episodes 5 and 6.

Ian Cardoni said, “I think the latest episode leaves a lot of questions as to where these characters could go,” in response to a query regarding potential future directions for the show after Rick Prime’s passing in Episode 5. “The only thing I would say is that the plot will take us to some really intriguing places. There are new twists and turns and some great adventures that I think the fans will truly love.” Belden agreed, stating that Season 7 of the show was the greatest to date.

“Season seven is the best Rick and Morty has ever been — the writing is top-tier,” said Belden. “Not only have the fans and the online community shown us such warmth and support, but we have also felt extremely welcomed by the production crew working on the show. All we want to say is “thank you.” Fans will get to see more of the new actors in upcoming seasons, as they recently joined the show ahead of Season 7. The future looks bright for both of them.

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