Tyler Perry’s Zatima Season 3 (Release, Plot, Cast and everything you need to know)

Zatima Season 3 is brewing up a storm in Tyler Perry’s thrilling Sistas spinoff universe. With a 20-episode season in the works, the show is expected to introduce 13 new characters, each of whom will add a unique twist to the drama and suspense that we are all sorely missing.Imagine this: offering a diverse range of characters, the series builds like a symphony, from “Game Changer” to “To Die For.” We are speaking of Director Smith, who in a funeral parlor has an air of persuasiveness and slickness that is reminiscent of a used car salesperson.

Additionally, in Episode 311, Donna Tisley plays the role of the lawyer guiding Zac through the tense interrogation sequences. serious thoughts of Zac returning to prison and it doesn’t end there—in Episode 313 Officer Swank shows up, dropping bombshells and coded messages for Zac. But hold on, it gets even more juicy! Leslie, Fatima’s traveling companion who recently returned from her travels in Germany, and Malachi, the former FBI agent with the “I’ve seen things” aura in Episode 316, are about to add a whole new level of mystery.Pastor Jakes and the larger-than-life Big Ripo are about to make their dramatic appearances, bringing scandal and mystery to the mix, in episodes like “Art of Surprise,” “Surprise Surprise,” and the epic “To Die For.”

Expected Plot Of Zatima Season 3

The characters Fatima and Zac find themselves on a love, humor, and personal development rollercoaster in the hilarious world of Zatima. They must address the personal issues they each bear and deal with outside influences that have the potential to either strengthen or weaken their relationship as they navigate its ups and downs.
The path Fatima and Zac are on is not without difficulties. They have to deal with emotional baggage, prior traumas, and insecurities that can impede their ability to connect. The program explores the intricacies of each person’s life, focusing on how past experiences have shaped the present and will affect their shared future.

Main Cast Of Zatima

Crystal Nzinga Imani plays Angela, Remington Hoffman plays Bryce, Renee Hayslett plays Fatima Wilson, Devale Ellis plays Zachary “Zac” Taylor, and Cameron Fuller plays Nathan. Zatima has been a part of this show’s primary cast for its first two seasons.

The key cast members for the next third season are still to be revealed. The official announcement about the upcoming season’s cast is highly anticipated by show fans. We’re hoping for a quick show renewal so we can relax and take in all of the exciting adventures.

Other Cast To Expect In Zatima Season 3

Director Smith

open ethnicity, late 30s to early 40s. He meets with Zac and Fatima as a funeral director to discuss selecting a coffin for Zac’s mother. This guy is all about the pitch and obviously trying to close a big deal; he reminds me of a used car salesman. When asked earlier to negotiate the price with a Rolex watch, he seemed oddly nonchalant. (Episode 311 | “Actions and Consequences”)

Donna Tisley

30s–40s Before allowing Black, an attorney, to meet Fatima in the interrogation room at the police station, she consults with Zac. She warns Zac that things are terrible here in a serious tone. (Episode 313 | “Life Goes On”)

Officer Swank

30s to 40s. dark. This policeman, claiming to be relaying a message from Deja, is adamant about talking to Zac. He then presents Zac with a horrifying picture. (Episode 314 | “Free Zac”)


He approaches Angela at the gym, a thirty-something black man with all the skills. He exudes a certain smarmy appeal and, when they arrange to meet at her apartment later that evening, he abruptly becomes hostile, frightening Angela, who doesn’t know why he’s criticizing her. (Episode 314 | “Free Zac”)


Black and in Her 30’s, She is Fatima’s old best friend and has just returned from a military posting in Germany. A jubilant Leslie demands to meet up for dinner and catch up with Fatima after discovering her at the gym. (Episode 315 | “Everybody Knows”)

Officer Jacobs

whatever ethnicity, late 30s to early 40s. This officer tackles a suspect after telling him to freeze and begs the victim to come forward with further details. (Episode 315 | “Everybody Knows”)


This elderly, unattractive, black friend of Angela’s for many years is the kind of Sugar Daddy who would do anything for her.(Episode 316 | “Art of Surprise”)


Black in their 30s. Malachi is an old acquaintance of Fatima’s. He served in the military before becoming an FBI agent, and he has the strength and ability to read body language of an assailant. He was pushed over a table after being discovered having sex with his spouse at someone else’s home when the homeowner wasn’t there. (Episode 317 | “Forgiveness”)

Doctor Solas

40s and 50s. Ethnicity is open. This medical professional at a rehab facility informs a patient who is in agony about his medicine and keeps the patient’s family member informed about his progress there. (Episode 319 | “Surprise Surprise”)

Pastor Jakes

late 1950s and early 1960s. dark. This funeral director is a goodspeaker; he turns his stories about the deceased into a morality tale. He is accused of not being as pure and holy as he acts, despite the fact that he holds his position and his church in the highest regard. (Episode 320 | “To Die For”)

Big Ripo

large black ex-football player in his 30s. This man chases a drug addict inside a residence. He gets into a fight with someone, and shots are fired. (Episode 320 | “To Die For”)

Where To Watch Zatima Season 3

You can watch Zatima season 3 on the Bet+ Amazon Channel or with a BET+ subscription. As an alternative, you may watch the episode on YouTube TV, which offers new viewers a free trial.

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