Young Sheldon Season 7: Creator Suggests Sheldon’s Unseen Big Bang Theory Origin

Chuck Lorre, Young Sheldon’s co-creator, speculates that season seven will reveal Sheldon’s unrevealed Big Bang Theory beginnings. Sheldon had moved to Pasadena some years before to the premiere of the nerd-centric series, having completed his post-graduate studies at Caltech and taken a job at a university. There has been a presumption that Pasadena will not host any more Sheldon stories since The Big Bang Theory concluded. But Lorre’s most recent statement seems to refute that.

Lorre speaks with The Hollywood Reporter about Young Sheldon’s upcoming cancellation following a curtailed seventh season, and he defends the decision to discontinue the program despite its enduring appeal.

Per his assessment, “Following him [Sheldon] from 8 to 15 seems like the natural life span of the show.” Steve Holland and Steve Molaro, the executive producers, agree on this point. Given that Sheldon enrolled in Caltech at the age of 14, Lorre’s comment suggests that at least some of Young Sheldon season 7 will take place in Pasadena, California as he gets settled.

What Happens After Young Sheldon Moves To California?

Season 7’s Young Sheldon ending replicates The Big Bang Theory’s grand finale crime, allowing Sheldon’s trajectory to determine the course of the entire show. Even though it was the prequel’s title character, it has since outgrown its idea and evolved into a family comedy that gives each Cooper family member equal attention. It would be interesting to see what happens to Sheldon’s family after he moves back to Texas in Young Sheldon season 7, assuming that the show ends with Sheldon away from them.

After Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory provided details on the Coopers. Sadly, not every one of them has a promising future. The remainder of the family will be devastated by the great loss when George passes away for an unspecified reason.

At some point, Mary will go back to her church and get even more devoted to it. Despite the Young Sheldon season 6 finale hinting at Missy’s redemption, the character will carry on with her rebellion narrative. Georgie will be able to start Mr. Tire in the interim, but he will also break up with Mandy. Meemaw was not well-known, but her one-time trip to Pasadena revealed that she had oddly grown snooty and less upbeat.

It is up to Lorre and his allies to carry on Young Sheldon after Sheldon relocates to Pasadena. The show would have to change its attention to the Cooper family members who are still in Texas. Little was revealed about them in The Big Bang Theory, which gave the comedy/drama more creative freedom to explore their future plot. Regretfully, they seem dedicated to Sheldon’s boyhood ending with the show, even though the show functions better with a larger ensemble cast.

Source: THR

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